Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worries in the night

Lying here listening to my sweetheart breathing in the night.  I worry about things sometimes.  Our next-door neighbor just lost her husband, and I've seen her wandering around sort of aimlessly lately.  I wonder how I would make it without my own spouse.  Her breathing reassures me for now, but we aren't getting any younger.

On top of all the normal worries that couples have, we also have to worry about being considered second-class by many people in our community.  When one or the other of us has been hospitalized it has been apparent that our marriage is troublesome to many in positions that could make our lives a living hell.

Legislation has been introduced to overturn DOMA, and that's a good thing, but how much will it really change?  When there is so much hate out there in the world toward us, how comfortable will we ever be?  No wonder I have trouble sleeping.

1 comment:

  1. The hate will change with informing one individual at a time. I can tell you as a nurse, I don't judge. I think that health should be the great equalizer in society. We all get sick, and we should all be treated with care and compassion. Keep up the information, as change can and does happen.