Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brain fog

Part of fibromyalgia is a symptom often referred to as "fibro-fog" or "brain-fog".  I seem to be going through a period of fibro-fog now, since I can't think of anything to write about.  I've spent the day pondering the situation with my  computer.  My wife bought me a computer on ebay, so that should be getting here soon.  Of course, when buying online it's always like getting a present when things come in the mail.

So, I decided to help pay for this computer I would come up with a 'resale' idea.  I've been going to local thrift shops and purchasing very good items for small price and then selling them on ebay for a profit.  It is only a small profit mind you,  but anything is better than nothing at all.  Being disabled is not very lucrative, and every little bit helps.

Which reminds me, please click on the ads on this site, as they help support the blog.  Every time someone clicks on an add I earn a few pennies.  Who knows, it could add up to a few dollars over a years time, maybe even a sawbuck.

Once the fibro-fog clears up and I get my new computer I'll be back to work gathering important information from around the internet and providing it for my readers.  Here are a couple of books on fibromyalgia.  I'm not recommending them, just letting you know they are out there.  I'll try to add links to books like these and on other important issues as I go along.

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